October 17, 2007

"Chunky Homestyle Radio" Via The Audio Kitchen

A friend of mine recommended this "found sound" streaming web station a year or so ago, and I still poke my head in every once in a while. Perhaps you will find it curious. The elusive curator-- "The Professor"-- describes the site and accompanying radio stream as a forum for "the myriad sound artifacts created by ordinary folks using everyday home recording equipment...some are more formal documentation of events and audio letters...then there’s more incidental and ephemeral recordings, like answering machine tapes, personal notes, voice lessons, AA meetings, and all the imaginative antics that can occur when a kid gets a hold of a recorder...and there’s music too." My favorite bit so far was made by a man who allows the recorder to run while he cleans and dresses himself so he can make his daily trip to the store to buy orange juice. The entire time, he pokes fun at himself about how people suck and how lonely he is and how no one understands him. The Audio Kitchen is located here. If you prefer to just hear the streaming show for yourself,...

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