October 04, 2007

The Day I Was Shot In The Face With A BB-Gun

No irony and no trickery this time. I just thought these kids did a decent job of telling a story.


Skippy Spankmaester said...

What a load of crap. But who doesn't want to watch two meatheads doing something stupid, especially if it results in serious injury or death? I think these two kids are on their way to becomeing top Hollywood execs. Hey maybe,
Steve O will see this and have someone shoot him in the balls with a BB gun?
Now that would be quality entertainment.

Lance Ehlers said...

This is exactly the kind of thing I would have created if I had had the means to create videos this way when I was their age. A part of me is sincerely jealous and wishes I'd been born a decade later. I like how it's just the two of them, and one moment the first kid is operating the camera. Cut. Now the other kid is operating the camera. Cut. Now the camera is set on a table so they can both be in the shot. Repeat. It's precisely the necessary low-tech method which my friend Steve and I used when we were bored at his place and decided to create a VHS movie called "Get The #@%$ Out OF My House!"

With any luck, these kids WILL become executives with an in tact sense of humbleness who will not forget how fun it is to make movies this way and will encourage experimentation and fun in the projects they oversee.

stexe said...

I think a fine example of what you're talking about is Robert Rodriguez. He's always made whatever movie he felt like on his own terms, and on each of his DVD's marketed towards kids (like the 'spy kids' series) he has extra features which instruct how to do your own editing and special effects using consumer-level software.

But really, nothing is stopping any of us from taking advantage of this current technology. It isn't exclusively for kids. For me, it's a lack of ideas that keeps me from pursuing creative projects, not equipment. But younger folk definitely have less inhibitions and self-doubt. Who cares what the end result is, as long as the process is fun? That's what most adult artists try to recapture; the "enjoyment of your own work", as david lynch put it, without expectations or fears of success or failure.