October 19, 2007

Most Depressing Cartoon?

Which cartoon bummed you out the most as a kid? Super Globetrotters? Rubik the Amazing Cube? or Hammerman?


Lance Ehlers said...

While they are all strong contenders for that title, I have to say the Rambo cartoon probably bums me out the most. It proved that there are always people willing to market bizarrely inappropriate things to children if there's the slightest possibility that money can be made in the process. The people at the source of the woes cited at the beginning of this post must certainly have shared in the responsibility (either directly or indirectly) of marketing a cartoon based upon a lost & disillusioned war veteran to children.

stexe said...

That is really messed up, now that I think of it; wasn't "First Blood" (the first rambo movie) about a crazy guy who kills a bunch of innocent people because he's shellshocked from vietnam? How did he become synonymous with the reagan administration in the sequels?
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the most wonderful thing ever marketed to kids: The toxic avenger cartoon and accompanying merchandise. I only heard of this show, and lasted just a few seconds into the clip linked below, but still; taking one of the most offensive movies ever made and turning it into a kiddie cartoon is just amazing.