October 20, 2007

Links of Shame

We all have them in "Our Favorites". Those links we are ashamed of. The secret links we don't tell anyone about. Links to places on the web that are like the deep, dark places inside ourselves. Guilty pleasures, windows to our true selves, dreams and nightmares.

I don't want you to surf for something funny, something shocking. I can find that shit myself, we all can. I want you to post something real. Something risky. Something you have bookmarked RIGHT NOW. Someplace you lurk online that's like getting a peek inside your diary. Use a fake name - I don't really want to know what came from who. As a gesture of good faith, I'll go first. Name and all.



1 comment:

Lance Ehlers said...

The only slightly shameful one I honestly have bookmarked is Holla Back NYC, a blog which "empowers New Yorkers to Holla Back at street harassers" and deepens my paranoia of approaching a woman in public for fear that my compliment will be warped out of proportion and conclude with a photo of my head angrily posted for public ridicule.