October 01, 2007

Reverend Billy And The Church Of Stop Shopping

Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Spending have been getting a lot of attention lately, mostly, I suspect, because Morgan Spurlock's documentary What Would Jesus Buy? is beginning to make its way to film festivals. I'm serving the will of the hype machine by posting this, I know, but the cause is a worthwhile one. I'm a fan of this particular slightly kooky video of Billy getting arrested at the Astor Place super Starbucks, which by my own estimation, must be the largest Starbucks in the world. I like the modified logo on the cup being held by the man at the beginning of the video.


Skippy Spankmaester said...

Wow, I'm impressed to see just one more pseudo priest using religion to further his personal agenda. "Starbucks, is the devil"? I thought the devil was an evil spiritual being set against the good that is the Creator, or at least that Wal-mart held the "devil" title?
Anyway, I'm no fan of law enforcement, but I think some serious police brutality was in order. Anything to shut these little twits up.
Can't say I like Starbucks either, "I'd like a small coffee, please." "We don't have a small, but that will be $5.00 for your Tall (or whatever thier small is) coffee." Ordering coffee at starbucks just kinda makes me want to shove a metal rod up the pretentious employee's ass. But after seeing this I think I'll head over there for an overpriced cup now.

stexe said...

The guy is a performance artist, adopting the persona of a fire-and-brimstone-baptist to expose the supposed evils of the world. I'm sure he doesn't take himself as seriously as you take him, skippy. And those "pretentious employees" are making a few bucks an hour. Why the sick, violent fantasies? yuck.
Personally, I'd rather see a raving idiot of any kind on the street than nothing at all. It's free entertainment, so what is there to complain about? And lance, I don't know if Astor Place's starbucks is the largest, but I heard it's the most profitable starbucks location in the country, making it a natural choice for Rev. Billy. I find the guy amusing in small doses, and a valuable part of new york's guerilla theater community.

Lance Ehlers said...

Starbucks is just one target of Billy's gospel. But I agree that he is best in small doses.

I think I'm like many people in that I have a love/hate relationship with the chain. A part of me deeply wants them to start churning out shitty coffee so I can quit them. But the trick is, they DO have good coffee.

The one thing about them which drives me up the wall is the name itself: Starbucks. I presume it is taken from the name of the first mate of the Pequod in Moby Dick. Okay, well, then it should be called "Starbuck's."

Skippy Spankmaester said...

Well what did I say? Psuedo priest,
(preforming artist)... blah blah... personal agenda. FYI: bastists don't wear collars... Hes still annoying. As for the pretentious employees, more power to em for making a few bucks, but I could do without the attitude. You know, make my coffee $.50 cheaper and keep the attitude.
Think of it as my tip, for doing the job their paid for.
Violent fantasies,Hmm, well lets face it, the world would be a boring place without violence (aggression) of some level.
Though I would welcome it if you would not use such inflammatory language as "yuck" here. Save it for Hunts Point an airport bathrooms, Oh,and that spot behind your tiolet seat that rarely gets really clean.

Skippy Spankmaester said...

Forgive my spelling I only have a Columbia edjumucation. I Meant Baptists don't wear collars.

hot funk said...

I saw him in Chicago, It was too funny to take seriously.

Anonymous said...

the quality of their coffee has only been average at best for about 10 years now with lots of inconsistency across the chain. there are plenty of other much better coffee options within easy reach - especially near this particular starbucks at astor place - if you're really trying to avoid the brand and get a good cup of joe.

Lance Ehlers said...

Agreed, it is average, but on the good side of average.

Anonymous said...


Run, don't walk, to a law office and get him or her to SUE Columbia. Obviously, you learned nothing there.