October 26, 2007

A PIZZA TEEN! Moment Of Sober Absurdity: "Showdown With Iran"

I know it's tough to pry one's self away from staring at Britney's tits, railing against the absence of lapel pins, or French kissing the latest cellular device, but if you need a proverbial stinging splash of cold water thrown in your face, I highly recommend watching the incredibly interesting Frontline program "Showdown With Iran." It's certainly not very encouraging. In a forum such as this stupid blog which devotes itself almost entirely to presenting moments of human absurdity, I feel this one fits in perfectly beside a post about Shemp in vinyl chaps.


stexe said...

Yeah, not exactly "pizzateen" material, but important nonetheless. Not that anything can be done about it at this stage; After all, there was nothing anyone could do to stop Iraq, not even Hussein: he allowed the weapons inspections to continue indefinitely, he offered a televised debate with Bush. If Cheney doesn't end up invading Iran, it would be a capitulation from everything he's said since taking office. And Rudy Guliani and Hillary Clinton are willing to make it happen if he doesn't.

I caught this frontline program when it aired on tuesday night, and was struck by two claims: 1) a progressive reform movement had a strong influence in Iran during the time of 9/11 (this is a country that holds elections and has opposing parties, just like us) and they helped the U.S. rid Afghanistan of the taliban. In fact, they claim it could not have happened without them. Soon after, Bush's speechwriters started calling Iran "evil", then they went and invaded Iraq. Everyone in Iran felt like sitting ducks by this point, and the fundamentalists took control again. 2) not one Iranian insurgent has been apprehended in Iraq.

Worth the time. Also see the previous week's episode about cuddly, huggable Dick Cheney.

Lance Ehlers said...

The program Stexe is referring to is HERE. Juicy stuff. Makes an ideal double-feature with Creepshow for your Halloween evening.

Skippy Spankmaester said...

Ah yes, Frontline another unbias media sourse... Not that I would expect an unbias view in the media or here.

Skippy Spankmaester said...

But lets deal with a more pressing issue, Britiney's Tits. While they may have some appeal to lower forms of humanity. The moment you add her apparent personallity into the mix she and thereby her tits become wholely unappealing. Unless you like insane women with no self image beyond their reproductive parts, in which case:
you = lower form of humanity. Should you find yourself in this catagory, please consider applying yourself to winning a Darwin award posthaste.