October 16, 2007

Three Examples Of Incredibly Satisfying Movie Conclusions

Well, not really three examples, but that was the original idea. Two trailers and one gloriously awesome example is the best I can pull this time. My gut instinct was to include the end of Play Misty For Me (1971) when Clint Eastwood finally-- FINALLY!-- clocks that nutty broad in the dome, sending her over the railing, over the cliff, and out of his life for good... ...and maybe the conclusion of Midnight Express (1978) when that dude finally-- FINALLY!-- flips out and rams the Turkish guard, impaling the asshole's skull on a wooden peg and creating an opportunity for escape. Alas, those clips don't seem to exist online, and if they did, you'd probably have to sign in to verify you weren't a kid. But fortunately, the conclusion to Harold and Maude (1971) does exist! So many things are done right here: Cat Stevens' "Trouble" playing over the unusual (for its time) music video-like editing, the weird shift from panic to hopelessness to sadness to shock and, finally, laughter when it's revealed that he's duped us again. That angry motor sound over the freeze-frame is so goddamn perfect, man! Just for kicks, I'd like to see a total downer edit of this where the car crashes onto the beach, there's an awkward silence aside from the sound of the waves, and then "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" kicks in & the credits roll.


stexe said...

I vote for "Pink Flamingos".

Jen said...

I say dub If you want to sing out...over the escape sequence from Midnight Express