October 03, 2007

PIZZA TEEN! Mandatory Viewing: Little Rascals "A Tough Winter"

There are dozens of very good and very inappropriate moments here. My favorite? Hmmm...difficult to pick just one, but I'll go with when the concoction explodes in Mary's eye. You could learn a lot about what makes me tick by studying this marvel from a more dangerous, less politically correct age.


SpaceMan5000 said...

It's nice to see Stepin Fetchit. Also, I think it's funny that it's a winter scene, but they filmed it in Culver City, California. Imagine what those costumes smelled like!

stexe said...

Stepin Fetchit was the first black actor to become a millionaire, owning "12 cars and 16 chinese servants". But he succumbed to "M.C. Hammer Syndrome" and spent all his money on bullshit, ended up declaring bankruptcy, and died in a chicago hospital (where he was a charity patient) in 1985.

Lance Ehlers said...

...and no doubt, the snow was made from flakes of asbestos.