October 10, 2007

King Vidiot Battles McDorfus in Satan's Hollow!

Let's take a moment from our busy day to wax nostalgic about the golden age of video arcades (WARNING! this trailer contains immature subject matter and totally extreme vidiocy to the max): Joysticks stands alongside Zapped and Screwballs in my personal trifecta of 80's teen raunch. This has all four of the male archetypes (cool guy, fat slob, nerd, punk rock misfit), lots of variations on the standard female archetype (oversexed bimbo), a politician who likes to hang out in public bathrooms, the old "hot dog in the cleavage" gag, and a shamelessly stupid, spaz-matic theme song. It was finally released on DVD a few months ago, but it's such a poor quality transfer, you'd be better off borrowing my VHS copy. Better yet, if you're in the los angeles area you can see it on the big screen at the new beverly theater, Oct. 27 at midnight. Dork trivia: the "Strip Video" arcade game seen briefly in the trailer is a real game called "Streaking". It's available as a M.A.M.E. emulation so you can download and play it in the privacy of your own home with some bodacious babes.

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