October 07, 2007

Three Examples Of Movie Kisses Which Cause Me To Hold My Breath

Example 1: Grace Kelly & James Stewart in Rear Window (1954) I think this is the one we can all agree on, correct? It occurs exactly the way we all wish it would happen to us sometime before we croak. The scene doesn't even need the context of the rest of the film-- it's a complete, self-contained moment you can watch on its own and it will cause everyone in the room to pause. The slow motion and vacuum of silence...perfect. Has this been topped? Example 2: Audrey Tautou & Mathieu Kassovitz in Amélie (2001) This one benefits from the build-up of all the events which came before, but when it happens, it's the perfect payoff. When she opens that goddamn door, man, you suck in your breath and hold it. Example 3: Naomi Watts & Laura Harring in Mulholland Dr. (2001) NOTE: You may want to turn up the volume before you hit play. Again, the build-up really makes this come alive. But, man, when it happens, I don't care if you are straight, gay or whatever, it's smokin' hot. And I certainly don't mean that in the moronic, Maxim magazine kind of way. The tension causes the film to slide right over the edge of the cliff, and you feel like you are suddenly in way, WAY over your head. The scene has been obscured here by those unfortunate fade-outs, but even so, it manages to sock you in the lungs.

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stexe said...

excellent choices again. My personal favorite is between donna reed and jimmy stewart early in "it's a wonderful life", when he's so conflicted between his independence and his attraction, he doesn't know wether to push her away or draw her in. I think it's devastating, even though the movie as a whole is pretty cornball.