October 27, 2007

Three Shock Endings

I don't necessarily promote these movies, but they're the three finales that may have affected me the most. I didn't want to give anything away, so all the selections are "pg" rated trailers, not the endings. Friday the 13th An okay film, especially in its final reel of delirium. The shocking bit I'm talking about the aftermath, when the lone survivor wakes in the morning and takes a liesurely cruise in a canoe. I saw this on cable when I was twelve, and couldn't bring myself to sit through it again for several years. Mother's Day An extremely brutal film, which I think is still banned in England. I don't recommend it at all, but the final few seconds before the credits roll have stayed with me forever. Sleepaway Camp This has to be the ultimate. I was so traumatized by this movie's final scene that I almost vomited. You can find the ending on youtube, but it isn't the same if you don't sit through everything that precedes it. Honorable mention: Carrie and Tourist Trap.

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