October 17, 2007

PIZZA TEEN! Readers Poll Results

QUESTION: Your country is in danger of disintegrating. As a concerned citizen, what do you intend to do about it?

  • Talk about/write about/read about Apple brand software & devices. 0%
  • Furiously masturbate to internet porn. 40%
  • Gorge myself on BitTorrented entertainment. 50%
  • Get a boob job and/or nose job, charge it on my American Express card. 10%
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Skippy Spankmaester said...

You need to add as a question: Wait for the war to break out and join the side lead by James Earl Haley.

Lance Ehlers said...

James Earl Haley = James Earl Jones + Jackie Earle Haley?

Skippy Spankmaester said...

Yes, by the time "THE" war breaks out we will be able to use the DNA from these two great men and produce the savior of the American people, James Earl Haley! A slender middle aged, balding white man with the power to ride a Harley and sport a go-tee that can speak with the thundering voice of god.