October 25, 2007


EDITOR'S WARNING! Buckets of gore ahead!
Dr. Butcher M.D. (a.k.a. Zombie Holocaust) (1980)


Lance Ehlers said...

Speaking from experience, yes, the doctor will have no trouble at all finding plenty of beautiful people to experiment on in NYC. He will, however, have a hell of a time finding "patients" who aren't flaky or unjustifiably aggressive.

stexe said...

I've yet to see this one, but it's supposed to be a ripoff of lucio fulci's excellent "zombie" (a.k.a 'zombi 2'), using many of the same actors and shooting locations. And isn't this one of those movies that had real autopsy footage edited in, to save on special effects?

SpaceMan5000 said...

Stexe, there's no real autopsy footage in this one. The effects are pretty bad, really! You should seek this one out; it's great! It was released by Anchor Bay under the Zombie Holocaust title and is available on Netflix.